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DaimTech is an expert company for video, image processing and streaming solutions for iOS platforms. Our engineering teams are expert in usage of AVFoundation and relevant technologies to develop native apps. Our pre-developed solutions reduce, development time, for apps targeting vertical markets of broadcast, surveillance, conferencing and video on demand(VOD). We cover complete life cycles of targeted vertical markets ranging from recording solutions on iOS, video editing, audio editing, streaming and finally rendering. We have expertise in server technologies, streaming protocols like RTP, RTSP etc. We have tremendous working experience in video codecs like H.264 and MPEG4. We have strong familiarity with latest codecs like VC9 and H.265.

We have tremendous exposure to open source technologies like GStreamer, FFMPEG, VLC, x.264 and their integration with iOS based clients.

Please review our apps that we have developed to demonstrate our expertise.

Our project management methodologies are outcome of decades of experience. We select most suitable project management methodology for your project. We have expertise in agile, six sigma, scrum, prototyping, spiral, waterfall etc. We also have expertise to maintain all required documentation tailored for your project management needs.